Thursday, December 5, 2013

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"Rather than complaining that life is hard or that our blessings don't seem abundant enough or that there are always thorns among the roses, shouldn't we be grateful that life, however difficult, is precious, that in addition we have the promise of eternal life, that the blessings we have our wonderful and those we will have are more wonderful yet, and that there are roses among the thorns?" —Jeffrey R Holland, from For Times of Trouble

Quick update- I started my new chemo, makes me tired and a little nauseous. Then this weekend I had two seizures. Not good and not fun! First time I was alone at home, ended up in between night stand and bed. Second time in car with kids, they called the ambulance and I made it to hospital. Now on more steroids& seizures meds. Can't drive or shouldn't be left alone. The medicine makes me more tired than ever. Hard to get up.
Dad is ok- still waiting for his surgery to connect his stomach. He has loss tons of weight. He is trying to get some strength, one day at a time. Mom is still taking care of everything. We could all use l

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