Thursday, December 5, 2013

Together WE Fight!

Long over due update!
So after 9 BIG surgeries and almost 7 weeks in hospital. Dad came home. I was checked in the hospital with a torn colon. The Very Next Morning. I was there for about 6 days which was long enough! MY POOR MOM! UGH, she is one tough lady even if she doesn't want to be. Her knee and strength is breaking down. What a great example of continuous love, support, dedication, and more. Her and John should be DR.s by now.

After colon issue, we stopped my Tykerb, that was helping the brain tumors. The tumors hadn't grown, so we went off medicine for awhile for brain and stayed on the maintenance drugs, while they tried to get my colon to heal. My colon was more important than the brain, since the tumors were stable. So I started a chemo at the end of Sept/beginning of October for the tumors as I started having numbness in my arms. After 5 treatments of Cisplatin, I had a seizure. Home alone, felt my arm going tightly numb, It was like the evil darkness in Spiderman 3 was taking over my body. I yelled help, and woke up in between my bed & nightstand, a little bloody! So after calling John I called my Dr, He instantly called me in seizure medicine. Picked it up & went to pick up kids from school. The second they got in the car I felt it again, told Landon to call 911, He yelled NO MOM, as I started beating my chest, shaking, and, foaming out my mouth. Luckily friends were close by and helped the kids. Kendra knew she need to check on me and came back for me. She again got to ride to the hospital with me. What a friend I scored! Always saving my life! A little tragic for my kids. I really hope I am strengthening them and not breaking them down. I have literately turned their lives upside down. It breaks my heart! and to think of, if he only knew! That man is beyond words. So now seizure medicine, increase steroid= No Being left alone, no driving...blah! So we take kids out of school and moved all of us in with my parents. New school and all. They are adjusting and doing well.Their cousins go to the same school and John can take them everyday, so that has helped. I couldn't have better kids or husband, I then have had more numbness, resulting in more test. Which resulted in brain tumors growing! Having to start two new chemos. Taxol again ( 1X a week)  and another that will be Mon - Fri. Along with the the usual Herceptin, Pertuzamab, and Aredia. And increasing Steroids!! OhYay- Did You Know that Steroids Weaken Your Muscles!? Well The Ones That Help With Breaking Down Medcine, Reducing swelling, Etc The Ones I to Take, The Ones That Give Me this Rock Hard Belly And Solid Cheeks. AWESOME!!. I Can Barely Walk, No Stairs, Really No Energy, Ugh It Is Frustrating!

Dad finally met the Surgeons in Houston!! Finally!! He is strong and healthy enough for surgery. Which we all know he has always been STRONG. THANK GOODNESS, it has literally saved his life. He has lost 70+ lbs. This life he has been living since April has been very rough, a Ttrue trial of FAITH. No true eating, drinking, socializing, etc. Talk about low. Good thing we have a strong, supportive Family! We had Thanksgiving for the first time ALL together is 20+ years. It was awesome. On top of all that we have amazing extended family, friends and support from all of you. Couldn't be more lucky, even with all these trials.
I am thinking it is time for a Break. Break from all this sickness. A vacation for ALL! We deserve it!

My dad and I have been challenged for sure. It is taking A LOT of FAITH, TRUST, PRAYER, QUESTIONS, MORE PRAYER, MORE FAITH AND A LOT OF SUPPORT. We have committed to each other to FIGHT TOGETHER and NOT GIVE UP! WE NEED EACH OTHER FOREVER.

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"Rather than complaining that life is hard or that our blessings don't seem abundant enough or that there are always thorns among the roses, shouldn't we be grateful that life, however difficult, is precious, that in addition we have the promise of eternal life, that the blessings we have our wonderful and those we will have are more wonderful yet, and that there are roses among the thorns?" —Jeffrey R Holland, from For Times of Trouble

Quick update- I started my new chemo, makes me tired and a little nauseous. Then this weekend I had two seizures. Not good and not fun! First time I was alone at home, ended up in between night stand and bed. Second time in car with kids, they called the ambulance and I made it to hospital. Now on more steroids& seizures meds. Can't drive or shouldn't be left alone. The medicine makes me more tired than ever. Hard to get up.
Dad is ok- still waiting for his surgery to connect his stomach. He has loss tons of weight. He is trying to get some strength, one day at a time. Mom is still taking care of everything. We could all use l