Monday, April 8, 2013

The latest MRI results

So I had my MRI this morning to see if the brain tumors are gone. I have been taking the Tykerb (chemo pill) for over 8 weeks now. I called Dr. H to let him know I had it done so I could get the results today so I know if I continue taking these pills. First these pills have their days! Some days I am really icky and live in the bathroom. My belly gets really bad cramps, and I am extra tired. I have a slight rash on my face that looks like little zits, but so far they haven't taken over. Other days, I am good. I can accomplish a lot, sometimes I can even go without a nap!! Now that is progress. My hair is sloooowwly coming back, but I do have some!
Dr. H called me right back and said " Charese I have good news about your MRI..." YAY! I say! " well there are no NEW tumors!" ugh! So the 4 pesky tumors are still there! They can't really tell if they have grown due to swelling around them, but if they have he said maybe only 1 mm. The good news is that there are NO new ones, and they haven't grown or spread, which means the Tykerb is working! I just get to stay on it longer. oh yeah! 
I am now back to getting treatments every Wednesday. While taking these chemo pills and getting the maintenance stuff I tend to be sicker for a couple of days.

As for my dad....
He is doing well! Not to many bad side effects. More tired than usual and gets some leg cramps. Food doesn't always taste the same. The worst is yet to come for him, when he does surgery in May.  The good news is, he hasn't lost his hair! He is still able to work and do what he needs to.

OVERALL, We are both doing well and hanging in there! We really appreciate your love and support!

Also, wanted to tell you that My dad, mom, and myself were able to receive a wonderful blessing from Elder Kukuchi again. That was very comforting! It was an amazing experience! We are so grateful for his willingness to always come to us and bless our lives.

LOVE YOU ALL! Please keep praying! Prayers are still very much needed!


  1. Charese you are so amazing to me. I have enjoyed getting to know you a little and look forward to getting to know you better. You have such courage and I admire you sooooo much for your strength and optimism. Love and prayers your way, Erika

  2. This is good news, Charese! Though the MRI result isn't the one we wish to hear, the fact that the tumor hasn't grown nor spread is great news. Continue with your treatments, and keep the positivity going. Congratulations to you and your dad for doing well.

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