Monday, March 4, 2013

Chemo Pill and Not GOOD news!

I have now been taking my chemo pills for 12 days, and it hasn't been so fun.  I am back to having no energy and being SUPER tired! BOOO!  Also it has given me a yucky belly aka diarrhea, stomach pains, etc. Some days are worse than others. I will get my MRI on the 25th to see if the pills are working. Fingers crossed that the tumors are gone.

Now, for some awful news that has crushed my world. My family and I have found out that my dad has esophageal cancer. :(  He was having a hard time swallowing and food was getting stuck so he went to have his throat scoped.  They found a large tumor and they biopsied it. Sure enough it was CANCER! What the freak? The tumor is deep down and really close to some lymph nodes that could be infected. So, he has to go through 20 straight days of radiation, then 2 Rounds of chemo (which could be 20+) treatments, and then major surgery.  Which they will go in and remove his esophagus and pull his stomach up. Not so fun!   
As you can imagine this has been awful news for my family. My mom is a mess and devastated.  She is trying to figure out how she is going to take care of my dad and me. And why we keep being put through so much. We are a strong family, but I think we have hit our MAX.  I am crushed.... this is my DAD! My strength, my hero, the one who would do anything in the whole world for me and my family. He has taught me so much. He can't be sick!! My parents have always been there, they never hesitate to do anything for me. My parents are the best people in the world.  My dad has always said he would take this cancer from me. And now he is joining me in this fight. But I would take it from him. I have been through this for over a year now, I know what it is like. I know how to be sick and the hell that cancer is. I DON'T want him to have to live it, too! IT SUCKS! My dad is strong! We need him in our life. Please pray for my dad and my mom!(Randy and Chris)  They need our LOVE, and SUPPORT! If you see my mom, give her a hug! WE LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD! LETS ALL KEEP FIGHTING, KEEP POSITIVE, and KEEP SMILING!!


  1. Oh my goodness! i am just heart broken!
    Please PLEASE let us know what we can do to help! we love you all soooo much!

  2. Sweet Charese, I and so sorry to hear about your dad. It breaks my heart that you and your family are facing so many difficult times. It seems so unfair that such great people have to suffer so much. One thing I'm certain of is that your dad has an amazing example to look to to learn how to fight this awful disease with faith and dignity. I am sure that you are just as much his hero as he is yours. You and your family will be in my prayers. I pray that you will be blessed with peace, strength, and good health.

  3. Charese I have to tell you how much I love and respect your family. Your mom and Dad have really been there for our family when we needed love and support. Frank loves your dad like crazy! You are right when you say your a strong family, you stand by eachother through everything! We love you and pray everyday for you! We love you!!!!

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