Friday, February 15, 2013


Ok, here is the latest~ Dr. Radiation Oncology called Dr. Gamma knife and they decided to wait  and re-evaluate in 6 weeks.  The tumors are not affecting  my daily life, so instead of more radiation to my brain, they want to see if they grow in the next 6 weeks. I told them I will start taking the chemo pill twice daily, which they were happy about, hoping that the pill takes them away so we don't have to do any radiation. No Gamma Knife or whole brain radiation.  The risks are to high to radiate right away without them causing problems. I will start the chemo pill on Wed, as pharmacies don't carry it or stock it, so they have to order it. I will take it until tumors disappear, and we wont know that for another 6 weeks. So that is the plan for now!  Prayers are still working, so thank you! Loves!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Brain Update

So I hit all doctors today. First OBGYN, found out I did go through menopause! All those hot flashes, were indeed contributed to menopause!! Yeah 33 and all done with that! Then Diabetes DR. she is concerned about my dry dry feet. Lots of lotion and baby oil baths. Also I promised to take my medicine and test more often before I see her again in 3 months. Then brain radiation doctor, the one we were all anxious about, Well the Doc wasn't as prepared as we wanted him to be. He told us our options of less than 7 tumors we can do Gamma Knife Radiation again. YEAH! ughhh! If you don't remember that experience go back to my post in Dec 2011 called "One Step Closer". It is AWESOME!... NOT! Right now that is the plan as they only see 4, however I have to have a more in dept MRI that cuts the brain in layers and they can see down deep in the brain. Fingers crossed that there aren't anymore. So I will meet the Specialist, get an MRI, then hopefully schedule the Gamma Knife. 8 + tumors means back to the Whole Brain Radiation, which really kicked my butt, It was 3 full weeks of torture!! Plus months and months of after effects! double UGH!!!  This option also means I have 10X the chance of long term side effects of memory loss, slurred speech, trouble walking, etc etc. because my brain has already been exposed to the radiation. So hoping not to have to do whole brain radiation. BUT the good news is there are OPTIONS!!! I am not out of LUCK!
After that appointment I met with Dr. H (well with his Nurse Practioner) and they are also going to give me a Chemo pill that has small enough molecules to cross the blood/brain barrier, That pill with the Gamma Knife should clear out all tumors and open up the barrier for the current maintenance drugs to get up in the brain and keep them away! However it is a CHEMO pill therefore CHEMO side effects. Severe Rash across chest and face are the worst, But there is also nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, etc etc. OH I CANT WAIT! We asked why I did whole brain radiation and gamma knife before instead of the pill and they said it was because I was on such intense chemo for my liver, lungs, and bones, that the side effects of the pill would have been too much! After all this I also received my treatment of 4 hours!! WHEW!
Anywho, that was John and I's Valentines Date! Sweet John took the day off to be with me, and I am so glad he did.  We had lunch together in the chemo room! Oh so romantic. I love that man to the moon and all the way back! He is the BEST hubby EVER!!
My mom and Crystal came up to take care of kids, and I came home to a spotless house and dinner. They ROCK! SO SO GRATEFUL! LOVE MY FAMILY!
And as always SO GRATEFUL for all of you! Prayers, positive thoughts, love, and support are all working~ THANK YOU. LOVE YOU ALL!
John drew this awesome picture!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not Great News!

Well not such great news received today. :( I have had some pain in my neck and back, so I talked to my DR. It was time for an MRI so we scheduled one. I went yesterday for a 3 hour brain, neck, and spine MRI. Dr. H's nurse called with the results this evening. No neck or back problems, however, I have some SMALL tumors in my brain again. They are MM in size but there are a "few" of them. She didn't say how many, just enough that Dr. H, wants me to see the Dr. that did brain radiation. UGH! I am very nervous as I am not sure brain radiation is an option. I know I asked last time "what if they come back" and he said radiation wasn't an option again. John and I are hoping he meant in a year. Maybe now that it has been a year I could do it again. I am scared, I am mad, I am sad, I am worried, I am confused, and I just don't know what to think. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep praying for me. Please pray for John and my kids, and my parents!  I was just starting to feel good and "normal" where the future was looking bright. I was excited to be able to do more, and get out more.  I just want to stay on this path of maintenance drugs for the next 60 years. Sorry to keep asking, but I am still in need of strong prayers and support! Love you all!