Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Small Update!

So not much has been happening! Same ole' stuff. Chemo, sick, hydration, Chemo! Every time I receive chemo, I get more and more side effects and I get sicker sooner and longer! I talked to Dr. H and we are soon to do another CAT scan to check the status of these annoying tumors. He said if they were gone, we could stop the chemo and just do maintenance drugs, wouldn't that be great!? I can't even imagine. A full year with chemo! I am SO ready to be done! I am sick of being sick! I have zero energy and everything I do takes a lot of effort. I can't wait to feel good, go out with energy, and just FEEL GOOD! Be a "normal" mommy, wife, daughter, and friend! SO I need you all to pray hard. I go in Wednesday December 5. That is all I want for Christmas, is to hear, I am clear and done with Chemo! AHHH! Prayers are strong & fingers are crossed!

We had a FANTASTIC time in Disneyland, with amazing friends and family! Thanks to Children and the Earth and Frankie at JetBlue for helping us get there. It was so needed. I loved it, and I am ready to go back, or to the beach! Loves to ALL!