Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another test and Another Birthday!

SO I had another MRI, This time it was on my neck, back, and Brain. My parents and Skylee took me to my appointment. They came back in the waiting room and waited, and waited. It ended up taking 3 hours!!! Thank goodness there was a tv in the room and Sky has some patience. Results are good. Brain still looks good, Neck had disc bulging, but not worried, and Back looked good. Not showing any cancer in neck or brain. There is just a little spot on brain that they will continue to watch, but no worries. I got clearance from my brain radiation dr. to go on my secret trip and ride as many rides as I want.
So, I will tell you the secret just don't tell. So THANKS to Children and the Earth and my friend Frankie at JetBlue, We are going Disneyland! The kids have NO idea! They think we are going to St. George for the week, because mom needs a break! Which I do, but Disney is where I am going!!! I am so excited I can't stand it! We will tell the kids at the airport!
So I got to celebrate my 33rd birthday yesterday! I now have a different outlook on getting older. 33 WAHOO! I made it one more year. I can't wait to continue getting older, each year will be great. So I was hoping to not have chemo, but I did. So one my best friend Kendra took me down, since my parents will be with me for a week in Disney. Then my sweet sister in law and mother in law, came to sit with me and enjoy the day. Sara brought me some yummy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, yummy! Then one of my other BF's Lisa came with cupcakes, cookies, and flowers. They put an awesome homemade crown on, necklaces, a birthday pin, pink bracelets, and a pink ring on me, and i looked Fabulous! Then passed out treats to all, and then they sang. So chemo on my birthday= not so bad. I am so loved! THANK YOU ALL for the birthday wishes, gifts, loves, prayers, support, and all you do for me! I am surviving this fight because of you!

Also check this awesome video out that my friend has put together for me!