Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brain MRI results are in...

So, I am here at chemo getting my long doses of medicines. 5 bags to be exact! I had my brain MRI this morning. This is the first time, they hesitated doing the MRI, because of my expanders(they have a small metal thing in them), but after an hour of waiting, they decided the brain was more important. So we did it and now the nurse just came over with my results. And it is time to CELEBRATE! Finally! The brain is cleared! Even the tumors that were there in April have melted away. AHHH! What? Really? Good news!? I will take it. Yay! Thank you, the prayers are working. And when I saw the dr. Today he said I looked better than I have in months, so he is confident that there is an end in sight. Relief! Loves to you all!

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Chemo

So after my 1st treatment of the new chemos and bone cancer treatment, I was a mess. John went to leave for work on Friday, and came to tell me good-bye. I went to roll over and kiss him, and I was in so much pain. Every part of my body hurt! Every bone, muscle, joint, and skin hurt. I was nausea, had a headache, and just felt like crap! John instantly decided to stay home. I was in bed all day and sick all the next several days. I went in the following Tuesday to receive hydration, which helped a ton. I felt better for a couple days, then broke out in a rash. All over my arms, neck, and face. My eyes were swollen and my skin itched/burned. Burning from the inside-out! All side effects from chemo. They put me on another steroid. This awesome chubbiness is never going away! :)  Then a few days later, bleeding! Bleeding from places I shouldn't be. So they had me rush in, but as of now, they aren't too concerned. Bleeding is also another side effect. Also, my finger nails and toe nails are bruising and are sore.This medicine is nasty! They weren't lying when they said I would need 21 days to recover between treatments. Now my skin is just peeling.I have had a few days, where I have felt good, but then I always over do it. But I have to take advantage while I can. 

My brain MRI is this week on Wednesday right before chemo, so maybe I can get results while I am there. 
My friends are putting a 5k and MotorBike Race together, on July 28th at VF factory Mall. I am going to be there and would love for all of you to come. I need a Team. It is a charity event for several people, so when you PRE-Register, you have to choose TEAM CHARESE. go to  and pre-register. It should be fun! 
Again, I thank you all for your LOVE, SUPPORT, PRAYERS, and HELP! I need it! I am grateful every second for all of you, and my wonderful family and friends. I am one lucky girl!