Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Chemo plan...

So I went to the Dr. yesterday and met with him. My mom and John came so they could hear it all as well. John really understands it, and my mom and I just agree with him. So I was approved for the new "miracle" drug Pertuzumab, so the doctor has ordered it for me, and should get it in the next couple of weeks.  So I started the new chemo Taxotere, Carbplatin, and then had 3 weeks worth of Herceptin, plus a little hydration. It was a LONG day. We got there at 11am and didn't leave till after 6pm. Thanks to my sweet Rylee for babysitting and Cleaning my house! She is the bestest! My mom left once I got hooked up to go help with kids and John stayed with me all day. I sure love having him with me. He brings me such comfort. I have to go back today to get a shot to raise my white blood cells (as both new drugs lower them) so we are trying to build them before they are gone. I will also get hooked up again for another 2 hours to receive Aredia, a medicine to help strengthen my bones, from the bone cancer. It takes the calcium from my blood and puts it into my bones. When I first started chemo, they had me make my appointments in the afternoon, as the morning was saved for those that were going to be there all day, well that is now me. If I receive all the medicines I am suppose to, I will be hooked up around 9 hours or so. EEK! No more chemo buddies, cause that is WAY to long to make someone sit with me. Also my new plan is once every 3 weeks, as it is stronger, more potent, therefore needing that 3 weeks to recover. So they said, I will be MORE tired, MORE nauseous, MORE achy muscles/bones/body, & this little hair that is growing back is gonna be gone again. SUPER FUN. But hey if it is gonna work, BRING IT ON!

I also need to make a correction to my last test results. When the Dr. Called he said I had 25 markers that has now increased to 54, so I assumed in my liver. NO, NO, NO I was corrected yesterday. Those numbers have something to do with blood work. Not actual tumors! OOOPS! and PHEW! My liver actually doesn't have that many tumors left. There are a few BIG ones that have continued to grow and some little ones throughout, but defiantly not 54 of them or even 25 of them. YAY! Dr. H also mention if we can get rid of these little ones we can Radiate the big ones. But I am confident this new drug is going to ZAP them away.

I am excited about the races going on, on my behalf. I am so humbled by all your generosity.

Kids are doing good for the summer. Logan still says he doesn't want to have cancer anymore, because then I would have hair. :( I think he sees me with hair having fun and doing things. No hair mom- is sitting a lot, sleeping a lot, and we dont do a whole lot. So, we went to Lagoon, and I survived all day of fun! It was so great.
John is the best husband and dad ever. He comes home- and is instantly cleaning and cooking, the poor guy doesn't ever get to sit. OH how I love him. He is absolutely amazing.

THANKS again for the continuous prayers, love and support. They are all felt!  Love to all of you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Test results are IN!

So after a couple days of waiting, the doctor finally called this morning.
Blood work shows that my liver and kidneys are functioning fine. Bone and Lung cancer is stable.(Still there, nothing changed)  Liver masses have gone from 25 masses to 54 masses. He had the tumors marked and out of the 25 some have shrunk and some of grown, and now obviously they have multiplied. So a new plan is in the works. The chemo drug Taxol that I have been on is not killin these dang tumors, so he wants to switch to Taxotere.  Also a new drug has been approved and is now on the market called Pertuzumab that has shown great success, with shrinking and diminishing tumors. He is having his staff get me approved to start that right away.  So, from what I understand my new plan of attack will be Taxotere, Pertuzumab, and Herceptin. My insurance better approve it! :)
I am doing ok with the news. I really felt like I would be continuing treatments. I am so grateful my liver is still functioning well. I would be more concerned if that started shutting down. So for now, I am not freaking out! We will just see what happens.
Thanks for your continuous prayers, love, and thoughts! LOVES to all!

Check this video out! THANK YOU Sebastian!