Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One incredible night!

For real! I don't even know what to say or how to describe how I feel, about this amazing night. On Monday, my bishop and some friends had arrange this bike rally, all for me! They showed up with the Fire Dept blazing their siren, 72 bikes, 4 rangers(go girls!) and 1 truck. Oh my gosh! To take me on a ride thru town. It was the most incredible feeling. These people all showed up from all over to support me. Their bikes had pink on them or they wore pink. So emotional and so touching. I got to ride on a Harley with the coolest Bishop out there. The kids got to ride in the Firetruck, and John got to ride too. Then we took off thru town.  That wasn't it. There were people everywhere thru town, with pink signs, balloons, yelling, waiving. People I have never met, and all my friends and family. My heart is sinking now thinking about it. The night couldn't have been more beautiful, because I swear Morgan Valley was glowing that night. I had never been on a motorcycle before, and it was AWESOME! (sorry Dad!) The love doesn't stop there, not only did people donate money, when I got back home... flowers! Lots and lots of pink flowers, in my flower bed, all to be planted by sweet people! I will never forget this night, and neither will my family! Seriously I am so blessed and humble. I thank all of you! The love, prayers, support, thoughts, good energy,etc that I am receiving is INCREDIBLE. and it worked, I hadn't felt that good in a long time. I don't know what more to say, except           THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU ALL!  I hope this link works~ my neighbor got this video of it all!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Date Night

So I got a special date! Frank and Barbara Layden came up to my house to take John and I to dinner. Frank has been a great friend of my parents for the last 14 years. He has been very concerned about me, so he came up to go to dinner and visit. What a funny, kind, and generous man he is. We really had a great time. Mike is a huge Jazz fan so he came along and meeting Frank was like going to Disneyland! We had many laughs and even got a Jazz sweatshirt and t-shirt. THANKS LAYDENS for a FANTASTIC evening.

As for me~ I am still hanging in there. Day by Day! Always tired, still weak, but can still hold my own. Been getting hydration along with chemo, which I think is helping. It gives me a little boost on the days after. I have extremely dry skin, still dry mouth. If I has little energy, I would be great! This week also marked the NO eyelashes! Kind sad to me. No make-up to help me look like a girl! I was ok with no hair, or eyebrows, but no eyelashes....AHHH!

I had a great visit from a dear friend Desi the other day. It has sure been fun reconnecting with people. I love to have visitors, otherwise I sit in my bed all day! We also got to have a big birthday celebration this weekend. It was John's birthday on the 5th, Skylee and my Grandma on the 8th, and niece Emery on the 10th. Big BBQ and lots of fun. But I was sure wiped come Sunday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL! Thank you for the continuous prayers, and love! I love you all!