Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Test Results Cont...

So I got some more information I wanted to share. Since I drove down and got a printed report of the test, I could see everything, even though I didn't understand. There was one section that mentioned my bones.  Confused on what it meant, I asked today while I was receiving chemo.  The doctor decided to meet with my mom and I after my treatment. So, we found out the cancer IS in my bones. It has been there the whole time, however the doctor forgot to mention it, because of it being in the brain. And the Brain is way more important than the Bones. So, the dr said the key to my survival is getting the LIVER and BRAIN healthy. They chemo is treating my whole body, including the bones, so nothing more to worry about. The only thing that changes is that I now know about it. He did say he could check any part of my body and find cancer, that is how bad the cancer is, but knowing exactly where it is, is a little freaky. This also brings out the POSITIVE in the test results. Knowing how nasty this cancer is and that it will take over and destroy if I am not on top it, and now knowing that the Hereceptin was able to keep it at bay, during my 3wks of radiation, is GREAT! Now to kill the rest of it!
So, after finding out the results on Monday, I was a little bummed. I really wanted to find out that the tumors had at least shrunk a little. But, nothing just the same. On my iPad I get a scripture of the day, and I didn't feel like reading so I closed it and put it away. Then I decided it might help, so I got it and read it. 2 Timothy 2:3 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. WOW! It was perfect. I will endure hardness, knowing my Heavenly Father and Jesus, are with me every step of the way, and knows exactly what I need to get through this. I am so grateful for my blessings (good and bad), and grateful to have been given so much and continue to receive so much. Thank you for praying and supporting me, as it is going to be months and months before I start to get a little bit better. Loves to all!

Just a sidenote, we know the cancer is in my:
BREAST (clear)

But the worst spots are Liver and Brain, and so far both are responding well.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Test Results

FINALLY after several days and hours of waiting. I have heard from the doctor.  I called first thing this morning, and waited and waited. I called after their lunch and then I decided to drive down and get a printed report. I read it, and there is a reason the doctors call and explain it. I read the tumor in my liver had grown and other little things going on.  So I panicked a little. Then I pulled in the driveway and Dr. H called. "Hey Charese, I have good news for you." haa haaa haa. He said "everything looks good." He said my chest was completely clear, lung and liver are "stable". He didn't think the liver tumor had grown much or at all.  Lung looks the same. Not great news, but ok. He was fine with it. He said that the time I was on brain radiation, and not doing chemo, that things just stabilized. So at least they didn't grow. He said he wished he could say they shrunk or gone away, but not the case. He is happy they have not gotten worse.  So now I get to do 6 more chemo treatments before we check again. So that means 8 more weeks! :(  We are still staying focused and positive. I love that I have such a positive Doctor who can always make me feel comforted.
Thanks for the continued prayers. Loves

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From My friend!


Last weekend i had the wonderful opportunity of spending the day video interviewing Charese-John Foster's friends and family about her life and her battle. I was floored by the amount of love and positivity coming out of that group. I know however that not everyone who loves Charese was able to attend, and I know there are lots of people out there who wish they could do more to help the Foster family but may feel helpless.


There's no such thing as too much love and support. I want to continue compiling stories on video from Charese's life from friends and family scattered across the nation (and beyond). Anyone who knows Charese that owns any type of video camera is invited to participate in Project: Charese. Even if you feel totally technologically illiterate but want to participate, contact me and i will help you get your video to the proper place. It's easier than you think. After I get all the videos I will edit them together for a documentary series I'm producing for the Foster's/Richins' families.
Start by emailing me and i'll get you some questions to answer on-camera and together we'll figure out the best way to get your video to me. Now's your chance to make a difference in the life of a family who has been through more than most can imagine, do don't hesitate to contact me asap!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Next Testing

So my CAT Scan for my chest and abdomen is scheduled for next Friday April 20th. I wanted to give enough time for the chemo I received this past Wednesday to work a little more.
Also my white blood cells were down, so I had to go in today, tomorrow, and re-check on Monday for a Neupogen shot. So it hurt like Hell! Not looking forward to tomorrows. They also said I would get flu like symptoms and be real achy and yucky tonight! DANG IT! I received extra fluids yesterday, so today I should feel good. OH WELL! We will see what happens.

I had a friend from high school come up on Saturday and interview a few family and friends about me, my life, and my journey thru cancer. It was so nice of you Sebastian and Steven to spend your whole day here with us. Also THANK YOU to all my family and friends that could make it to the party! We also celebrated Landon's 9th birthday! It was a GLORIOUS day! I am excited to see the results of this documentary. I have amazing friends and family as always. And AMAZING Supporters! LOVES!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brain MRI test results

So I am really slow, but here are the results:
Most of the tumors are GONE! Still a few little ones left, but they say the radiation is still working so they are not concerned. My Dr. is completely happy with the results and I guess that means so am I. WAHOOOO! Next MRI will be in 3 months.

I have finally stopped taking my steroid, and boy am I having withdrawls. I have been sick, headaches, dizzy, and super tired. Yesterday at chemo they gave me a bag of hydration to try and make me feel better, therefore being plugged in for 4 hours. Not only did I sleep on the way down to the hospital, I slept the whole time being plugged in, the way home and then when I got home I got in bed and I don't remember a thing since this morning. Thank goodness for Sam, who came to my house while John had to go to work, otherwise my kids would have been fending for themselves. Landon went to the Jazz game and I didn't even hear him come in! I even fell asleep with my glasses, sweatshirt, and tv on. I can't believe I am so tired!
Anyway, other than that all is well. One more chemo to go and then a full body check. So more good news to come in the next couple of weeks! Loves to all!