Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas for the Fosters Project Pictures

I know Charese is very tough and probably would have pushed through the emotional and physical fatigue to get presents bought for her children but I was not going to allow one more burden be put on such a tough, stressful situation. With that said I want to thank:
The Sisneros family, The Dowding family, The Parry family, The Ekblad family, The Pusey family, The Mulford family, The Beachler family, The Pensari family, The Lear family, The Soto family, The Niggling family, The Rosenkrantz family, Beverly Clough, The Bolerjack family, The Carn family, The Pond family, The deMalignon family, Cindy Wells and your sister (I'm sorry I don't have your name), The Bernston family, And my wrapping partners Cami, Kendra, and Chris. If I forgot you please forgive me but send me your name because you deserve a big thank you also. Here are some pictures we took on delivery day. Charese was feeling really good so she wrapped presents with us. It was a fun night for sure. Thank you Fosters and Richins for allowing me to be part of your families. Love to you all!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


We had an absolutely amazing and unforgettable Christmas! So many people helped make this Christmas very special. One the kids wont forget or wont be matched! I wish I could thank you all personally, but PLEASE know we are forever GRATEFUL to you. We are so touched and humbled by your generosity. Our kids smiled all day. With every present that was opened was smiles from ear to ear. Thank you for the presents on our doorstep, donated, bought, etc, etc. REALLY THANK YOU! Again, we also THANK YOU ALL for the $$$ that is being donated to us. These are tender mercies that are softening our hearts and teaching us great lessons. Something we will never forget.

Update on me.... The Gamma Knife Radiation went well, I guess. It was an interesting experience, but no after side effects. I will do an MRI in 6wks to see if it worked!
The head shaving party was a success! I was way more emotional than I thought I would be. I was nervous about it all day, but tried to play it off. Then the guests started arriving and it was time to begin. I had to walk away and let it out for a minute. Everyone kept telling me it was ok and I didn't need to go first, but I knew I had too. John took the first swipe, then Landon. When it was Logan's turn he bent over and cried and cried. Something I didn't think would happen. My little 6year old! It affected him more than he or I thought it would. I cry now, just thinking of it. Once we got movin, everyone got into it. I was amazed at everyone that sat down to shave there heads. I never would have thought! I believe 21 heads were shaved that night, plus other friends in the neighborhood, and Seattle. All for ME! ME! It all became very real. I came out the next morning and said to John.." I have cancer!" It was weird to wake up and look in the mirror! My head still hurt with the stubble I had left, so John BIC'd me the next night. And now it feels great! Still a bit itchy and tender, but honestly much better without hair! I still forget sometimes that I am bald. I will be getting ready and think I have to do my hair or run something outside, and BRRR, it's cold without hair! Thank goodness for beanies! As I sit on my bed, I can see myself in the mirror, and I look sick! Bald head, lying in bed with blankies, and its weird! But I am slowly getting used to the Bald look. I was even brave enough to take my hat off at a restaurant the other night! A few looks, but OH WELL! ALL IS WELL!

Chemo is still going well! The day I get it, I am wiped! The next day I am good! Of course a little tired, but no sickness. The next day comes and I am good until the evening, then the joint pain begins. I get "growing pains" in my knees & hips, and sometimes in my feet, hands, and elbows. They drive me crazy! I can't decide if I would rather puke or deal with the nagging pain! I guess the nagging pain, cause that means I can still get out and do things without being stuck inside.
I am doing really well. Happy as can be. I have the most amazing husband, kids, parents, sisters, family, and friends. I live in the best community and neighborhood! I have God in my life! How could I not be so happy!
Thanks again for your love & support!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Words cannot express our gratitude! We are very humble, joyous, touched, and in awe of your love, service, giving, caring, and support! THANK YOU!!

We may not know who you are, but YOU do! WE LOVE YOU and THANK YOU with ALL our hearts!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


First of all I apologize to those who I didn't get pictures of... We took so many pictures that everyone's camera's were dying. But, I do have more and will get pictures of every one that was there to support Charese. If you have any pictures that you took, please email them to me and I will get them on this blog ( Mom and Bridget, I have pictures of you both, but I need some better ones (your welcome!) Taneal and Sydney, I need the pictures from your mom's camera!

What an amazing night! I am continually amazed at how much support Charese has! Thank you so much Kendra for all of your hard work and being such an incredible friend to Charese!
That was a lot of hair to cut!

Charese, you make bald look good!

John got the honor of taking the first little bit of hair off.

It was very emotional to say the least. Cute Logan broke down when it all started. I don't think that there was a dry eye in the house!


Charese got to shave John's head in return.

Collett and Ryan

Landon looks so much like he did when he was a baby!

Logan and his old man haircut!

These two pictures may be my favorite of the night!
Skylee wouldn't stop rubbing Charese's head and she wanted everyone to shave their head!

Cami and Rylee Jo

Troy and Jarrett

Handsome Ethan!

Our Rock!

Travis has never had his hair this short!

Even Charese's Bishop and his son joined in the fun!

Jason colored his hair pink and it soaked down to his scalp!

Kaden and Alex

Uncle Kenny is such a great sport!

Josie and Kendra

Kendra, Josie, Charese and Nicol

I think that this must have been one of the fastest haircuts that Kendra has ever done!
She didn't want him to change his mind!

The Fam

Everyone kept touching their heads!
What a supportive group!

They sure love mom!

Unconditional Love!