Thursday, December 5, 2013

Together WE Fight!

Long over due update!
So after 9 BIG surgeries and almost 7 weeks in hospital. Dad came home. I was checked in the hospital with a torn colon. The Very Next Morning. I was there for about 6 days which was long enough! MY POOR MOM! UGH, she is one tough lady even if she doesn't want to be. Her knee and strength is breaking down. What a great example of continuous love, support, dedication, and more. Her and John should be DR.s by now.

After colon issue, we stopped my Tykerb, that was helping the brain tumors. The tumors hadn't grown, so we went off medicine for awhile for brain and stayed on the maintenance drugs, while they tried to get my colon to heal. My colon was more important than the brain, since the tumors were stable. So I started a chemo at the end of Sept/beginning of October for the tumors as I started having numbness in my arms. After 5 treatments of Cisplatin, I had a seizure. Home alone, felt my arm going tightly numb, It was like the evil darkness in Spiderman 3 was taking over my body. I yelled help, and woke up in between my bed & nightstand, a little bloody! So after calling John I called my Dr, He instantly called me in seizure medicine. Picked it up & went to pick up kids from school. The second they got in the car I felt it again, told Landon to call 911, He yelled NO MOM, as I started beating my chest, shaking, and, foaming out my mouth. Luckily friends were close by and helped the kids. Kendra knew she need to check on me and came back for me. She again got to ride to the hospital with me. What a friend I scored! Always saving my life! A little tragic for my kids. I really hope I am strengthening them and not breaking them down. I have literately turned their lives upside down. It breaks my heart! and to think of, if he only knew! That man is beyond words. So now seizure medicine, increase steroid= No Being left alone, no driving...blah! So we take kids out of school and moved all of us in with my parents. New school and all. They are adjusting and doing well.Their cousins go to the same school and John can take them everyday, so that has helped. I couldn't have better kids or husband, I then have had more numbness, resulting in more test. Which resulted in brain tumors growing! Having to start two new chemos. Taxol again ( 1X a week)  and another that will be Mon - Fri. Along with the the usual Herceptin, Pertuzamab, and Aredia. And increasing Steroids!! OhYay- Did You Know that Steroids Weaken Your Muscles!? Well The Ones That Help With Breaking Down Medcine, Reducing swelling, Etc The Ones I to Take, The Ones That Give Me this Rock Hard Belly And Solid Cheeks. AWESOME!!. I Can Barely Walk, No Stairs, Really No Energy, Ugh It Is Frustrating!

Dad finally met the Surgeons in Houston!! Finally!! He is strong and healthy enough for surgery. Which we all know he has always been STRONG. THANK GOODNESS, it has literally saved his life. He has lost 70+ lbs. This life he has been living since April has been very rough, a Ttrue trial of FAITH. No true eating, drinking, socializing, etc. Talk about low. Good thing we have a strong, supportive Family! We had Thanksgiving for the first time ALL together is 20+ years. It was awesome. On top of all that we have amazing extended family, friends and support from all of you. Couldn't be more lucky, even with all these trials.
I am thinking it is time for a Break. Break from all this sickness. A vacation for ALL! We deserve it!

My dad and I have been challenged for sure. It is taking A LOT of FAITH, TRUST, PRAYER, QUESTIONS, MORE PRAYER, MORE FAITH AND A LOT OF SUPPORT. We have committed to each other to FIGHT TOGETHER and NOT GIVE UP! WE NEED EACH OTHER FOREVER.

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"Rather than complaining that life is hard or that our blessings don't seem abundant enough or that there are always thorns among the roses, shouldn't we be grateful that life, however difficult, is precious, that in addition we have the promise of eternal life, that the blessings we have our wonderful and those we will have are more wonderful yet, and that there are roses among the thorns?" —Jeffrey R Holland, from For Times of Trouble

Quick update- I started my new chemo, makes me tired and a little nauseous. Then this weekend I had two seizures. Not good and not fun! First time I was alone at home, ended up in between night stand and bed. Second time in car with kids, they called the ambulance and I made it to hospital. Now on more steroids& seizures meds. Can't drive or shouldn't be left alone. The medicine makes me more tired than ever. Hard to get up.
Dad is ok- still waiting for his surgery to connect his stomach. He has loss tons of weight. He is trying to get some strength, one day at a time. Mom is still taking care of everything. We could all use l

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quick Update

I know it has been forever since I have updated, but things have been busy! YES my dad is still in ICU! He has had a total of 9 surgeries. Keep in mind his first one was May 23, 2013, WHEW! It has been HELL to say the least. As of tonight he is doing well. Tubes,drains, and monitors are starting to come out. He is up and walking. We cant imagine how he is feeling laying in bed all day everyday, same room, same setting, NO  good FOOD, NOTHING to DRINK, etc. He is miserable! We are really hoping to get him home before his birthday Tuesday! Wouldn't that be great! Nothing would be better for him and ALL of us to get him in his own settings.
My mom is a mess. It is hard on her to sit there all day with the emotions, lack of sleep, still trying to be a grandma, mom, and wife. Her body is exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is definitely hard for the care takers as well. Bless you Mom! You are amazing!

BLESS YOU JOHN! The poor guy has been taking care of me and the kids, and the house, and work for so long. He is doing a great job. I want to do more, and have more energy. I really really DO! He has more patience and love then anyone.  I can't believe he can look at me with pure love in his eyes and mean it. He is one amazing man. LOVE YOU more than you know.


You don’t have to walk or run, but register and come it will be a fun event. And I know we have the best supports around. Let’s show them! LOVE YOU ALL!!

If you want to order a T-shirt for the big event~ PLEASE send me a message ( or TEXT me. They are blue with pink writing that says BE POSITIVE, BE BRAVE, BE STRONG, BELIEVE  RANDY & CHARESE they will be $10 each, all sizes(including kids)- bigger sizes a little more.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

8 1/2 hours later

Surgery is done! It took 8 1/2 hours and only one major delay. They ran into blood in the process, therefore they had to cut him wide open and give him a blood transfusion. So, they cut his neck, then from his neck to belly button, and down his right side. They also inserted a epidural for pain, as they say he is going to for sure need it. He isn't breathing on his own yet, so they haven't removed his breathing tube yet. They are hoping to have it removed by morning when he is more alert.  It is going  to be one heck of a recovery. Please keep praying! Lots of Love.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All prayers needed!

PLEASE OH PLEASE PRAY FOR MY DAD, all day tomorrow May 23, 2013. His surgery is scheduled tomorrow morning and it is going to be a major one. 3 surgeons, 3 hours each! 
The recovery is going to be a really hard one, so keep them coming. I will update you all as things happen. LOVES!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Super Sad

So here is an update on both myself and my dad.  First me! I am doing well. Still taking chemo pills everyday. Nothing has changed, mostly good days, and some yucky days. Yucky days seem to come when I over do the day before. But, I love to get out and move. If I learn to eat better I have better days, but when I make not great choices my belly gets a little mad at me. Maintenance drugs are going well. I go every Wednesday 2-6 hours. Baseball is starting and school is coming to an end! WAHOO! Love the weather and can't wait to play outside all day!

Now for Daddy~ :(  Not going so well. His esophagus is severely burned from radiation. He is unable to eat, drink, or swallow. He has lost 15 lbs in 5 days!!! He is miserable. We all love food, there are food commercials galore, and we all have to is pure torture! He is extremely dehydrated! They have given him 4 bags of fluid, and they still weren't able to draw blood. He is so weak and pale.  Yesterday, he decided to get a feeding tube. Collett and I went down to sit with him and my mom, to try to provide a little support, He got a feeding tube placed at 1:15pm and after hours of waiting, calling, and being down right pushy, we got a home health nurse to the house to hook him up with some nutrients around 7pm!!! He is hooked up 24 hours a day! Every couple of hours my mom unhooks the thicker stuff and gives him some water and/or Gatorade. He doesn't plan on eating anything until the esophagus heals some. His Petscan was on Friday, so hopefully he will get results soon. He meets the second surgeon on Monday to get surgery scheduled. The surgery will be a big deal, and quite the recovery but it is a step closer to being DONE with this crap!  His Dr. is very positive for a full recovery.

For me this has been a lot more emotional. I didn't cry much for me, but my dad, I HATE IT!  I was completely fine with me taking it all on. I know the pain and torture! Thankfully his chemo was good to him, but the dang radiation is terrible. His pain is way worse than mine! Mine was on my head which was bad enough. But his burning and pain affects everything he does to fight this. Food and water is so important. Just sucking on a life saver hurts. UGH, it just makes me sick and very sad.
THANK YOU for your continuous prayers, love, and support.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The latest MRI results

So I had my MRI this morning to see if the brain tumors are gone. I have been taking the Tykerb (chemo pill) for over 8 weeks now. I called Dr. H to let him know I had it done so I could get the results today so I know if I continue taking these pills. First these pills have their days! Some days I am really icky and live in the bathroom. My belly gets really bad cramps, and I am extra tired. I have a slight rash on my face that looks like little zits, but so far they haven't taken over. Other days, I am good. I can accomplish a lot, sometimes I can even go without a nap!! Now that is progress. My hair is sloooowwly coming back, but I do have some!
Dr. H called me right back and said " Charese I have good news about your MRI..." YAY! I say! " well there are no NEW tumors!" ugh! So the 4 pesky tumors are still there! They can't really tell if they have grown due to swelling around them, but if they have he said maybe only 1 mm. The good news is that there are NO new ones, and they haven't grown or spread, which means the Tykerb is working! I just get to stay on it longer. oh yeah! 
I am now back to getting treatments every Wednesday. While taking these chemo pills and getting the maintenance stuff I tend to be sicker for a couple of days.

As for my dad....
He is doing well! Not to many bad side effects. More tired than usual and gets some leg cramps. Food doesn't always taste the same. The worst is yet to come for him, when he does surgery in May.  The good news is, he hasn't lost his hair! He is still able to work and do what he needs to.

OVERALL, We are both doing well and hanging in there! We really appreciate your love and support!

Also, wanted to tell you that My dad, mom, and myself were able to receive a wonderful blessing from Elder Kukuchi again. That was very comforting! It was an amazing experience! We are so grateful for his willingness to always come to us and bless our lives.

LOVE YOU ALL! Please keep praying! Prayers are still very much needed!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Chemo Pill and Not GOOD news!

I have now been taking my chemo pills for 12 days, and it hasn't been so fun.  I am back to having no energy and being SUPER tired! BOOO!  Also it has given me a yucky belly aka diarrhea, stomach pains, etc. Some days are worse than others. I will get my MRI on the 25th to see if the pills are working. Fingers crossed that the tumors are gone.

Now, for some awful news that has crushed my world. My family and I have found out that my dad has esophageal cancer. :(  He was having a hard time swallowing and food was getting stuck so he went to have his throat scoped.  They found a large tumor and they biopsied it. Sure enough it was CANCER! What the freak? The tumor is deep down and really close to some lymph nodes that could be infected. So, he has to go through 20 straight days of radiation, then 2 Rounds of chemo (which could be 20+) treatments, and then major surgery.  Which they will go in and remove his esophagus and pull his stomach up. Not so fun!   
As you can imagine this has been awful news for my family. My mom is a mess and devastated.  She is trying to figure out how she is going to take care of my dad and me. And why we keep being put through so much. We are a strong family, but I think we have hit our MAX.  I am crushed.... this is my DAD! My strength, my hero, the one who would do anything in the whole world for me and my family. He has taught me so much. He can't be sick!! My parents have always been there, they never hesitate to do anything for me. My parents are the best people in the world.  My dad has always said he would take this cancer from me. And now he is joining me in this fight. But I would take it from him. I have been through this for over a year now, I know what it is like. I know how to be sick and the hell that cancer is. I DON'T want him to have to live it, too! IT SUCKS! My dad is strong! We need him in our life. Please pray for my dad and my mom!(Randy and Chris)  They need our LOVE, and SUPPORT! If you see my mom, give her a hug! WE LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD! LETS ALL KEEP FIGHTING, KEEP POSITIVE, and KEEP SMILING!!